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News   July 21, 2010   by CARS Magazine

New England Independent Auto Repairers Oppose “Right to Repair” Legislation

New England Service Station Auto Repair Association, is the leading organization for the independent auto repa...

New England Service Station Auto Repair Association, is the leading organization for the independent auto repair industry in Massachusetts; and, with over 400 members, NESSARA has more independent repair business members than any other organization in Massachusetts.

“After careful review of the proposed S. 2517 “Right to Repair” law, it has become clear that this bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” said Roger Montbleau, NESSARA president. “This bill will supposedly give independent repair businesses access to repair information and tools that car dealerships have at a similar price. Well, repairers can already do that.”

“The opinion of independent repairer’s in Massachusetts as to the availability of auto repair information and tools runs the full range of opinions. There is confusion. Some believe that these items are not easily obtainable, if at all, while others believe that most or all of them are readily available. This mix-up is being exploited by the proponents of this ‘Right to Repair’ effort,” said Montbleau.

According to Montbleau, this bill will do nothing to address what the Massachusetts auto repair industry really needs, training and education about information access and tool utilization.

“What this bill will do is create lawsuits which will lead to uncertainty in our industry! It is a recipe for disaster,” added Montbleau. NESSARA has performed, and continues to offer, auto repair demonstrations for legislators to get a first hand view of the real circumstances around this issue.

“This legislation is unnecessary and will not help; it will hurt our businesses and customers. The ‘Right to Repair’ bill should be defeated,” said Montbleau.

NESSARA, the New England Service Station and Automotive Repairer Association, began in 1973 as the Bay State Gasoline Dealers Association of Massachusetts. This non-profit organization was formed to help protect the rights of service stations during the Oil Embargo of the mid 1970’s. In 1992, the Bay State Gas Dealers Association of Massachusetts merged with the Tri State Gasoline Dealers of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to form what is now the New England Service Station and Automotive Repair Association. Our members consist of Service Stations, Auto Repair Facilities, Convenience Stores, Auto Body Shops, and other automotive related businesses throughout New England.

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