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News   June 7, 2010   by CARS Magazine


Things are heating up at the NAPA Rally 5000! After assessing the hundreds of entries submitted, the NAPA Rally 5000 organizing committee announced last week that only ten teams remain in the running for year two of Canada’s most intense mechanical rally.
Only five of these 10 teams (two finalist teams for each of the five regions represented) will get a spot at the starting line.

The Public Chimes In
New this year, from May 31 to June 13, the NAPA Rally 5000 organizing committee is giving the public a say in selecting which teams will go head-to-head in the Rally. Determining which teams will represent the Smoking Turbots (Atlantic Canada), the Sainte Gravelle (Quebec), the 401 Patrol (Ontario), the Prairie Dogs (Prairies) and the Pacific Rims (British Columbia) is in the hands of the fans. To vote, simply sign up as a supporter on the site.
Moreover, in addition to helping determine the favourite teams, each voter has increased odds of taking home one of the prizes. The prizes, with an overall value of $15,000, will be drawn exclusively among the supporters. The Rally webisodes will be broadcast daily from July 6 to 13 on

Rally Sponsors
The NAPA Rally 5000 is presented by NAPA Auto Parts, a subsidiary of UAP Inc., and is also made possible in part by AutoCanada, Adaptive One hybrid ceramic disc brake pads, Irwin tools, NAPA Brake and Chassis, NAPA Filters, and Gates.

For more information about the NAPA Rally or other NAPA Auto Parts, please contact:
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