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Feature   October 29, 2013   by Allan Janssen

Movember’s Coming!

Will you join the hairy throng of Mo Bro's raising awareness about men's health?

For the past few years, the picture Canadian Technician’s editor’s page always shows me wearing a rather crude goatee… or a Van Dyke, as I’m told it is properly called.

But those who know me personally will say I’m not fully committed to my facial hair. I shave it off without the slightest provocation and grow it back again a few weeks later out of sheer idleness.

It is not connected to my sense of self in anything but a temporary way.

I usually shave it off when my kids say I look old, or my wife threatens no more kisses until the chin is clean.

I usually let it grow again when someone remarks that I look more distinguished when I put the razor away for a while.

Over the next few month, however, there will be a greater sense of purpose in my choice to first shave and then refrain from shaving. Like thousands of men across Canada – indeed, across the globe – I will grow a Movember moustache.

This kind of bathroom activism will not be new to many of you. In recent years, I have heard from several automotive repair shops who embrace Movember with unbearded passion. They have put their “Mo Bro” faces on their websites and Facebook pages. And they’ve raised thousands in the fight against prostrate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues.

Here’s why Movember is a great fit for the automotive repair and service industry.

1. It’s a team effort.

Even though each Mo Bro is responsible for his own chin, this is best done as a group. Put a team together and have some fun with it.

Last year, 1,275 Auto Mo Bros from 185 different teams raised $248,379 for Movember Canada. That was just the automotive guys. This year I think we could pass that number by a whisker or two.

2. It’s all about education.

And, boy, do we know about educating people! Cars have changed so much over the years, that we’re constantly conducting impromptu classes on how a modern vehicle works.

For a full month, raising awareness about men’s health issues will be as easy as locking the razor in a drawer. And raising awareness saves lives.

According to a recent research study, 69% of Movember participants had a general checkup with their doctor, 79% discussed their health with others, and 67% recommended that someone else see a doctor.

3. It’s all about preventive maintenance.

Like an automobile, our bodies benefit from periodic inspections and routine preventive maintenance. This is a concept we in this industry understand all too well. Early diagnosis of trouble is key to keeping any finely-tuned machine running well – whether it’s a car or a human body.

So if you’re plan to join the hairy brigade next month, let us know about it. We’ll be updating our Facebook page with reports from the field. Tell us your stories. Send us pictures – with your newly shorn faces or the new growth that emerges.

We want to celebrate your efforts to raise funds for men’s health and increase awareness about the importance of regular check-ups.

I know I’ve scheduled an appointment for myself. Have you?



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