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News   March 15, 2016   by CARS Magazine

Maryland bill will enforce stricter requirements on replacement parts

A proposed bill in Maryland could require OE replacement parts for the first two-years of a vehicle’s life.

If passed, the bill will require repairers to use OE parts on all vehicles under two years of age and will limit older vehicle repair to either OE or ‘certified’ replacement parts.

This new bill has been denounced by The Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA), an organization of more than 140 members covering collision parts distribution, bumper sales, recycling facilities and manufacturing plants.

“Bill 1258 is only good for the car companies, giving them a virtual monopoly on parts for the first two years of the vehicle’s life,” said Edward Salamy, ABPA’s executive director.  “We also have concern about the limits this bill places on a consumer’s desire to use alternative parts and how this would affect them financially.”

The Maryland Autombile Dealers Association, however, supports the proposed law. The problem, they explained to Auto News, is that aftermarket parts could void the manufacturer’s original equipment warranty, and this law will help avoid that.

Under this new law, a customer could still consent to the use of uncertified aftermarket parts, but they would have to do so in writing.

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