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Feature   August 1, 2007   by Jim Anderton, Technical Editor

Lock ‘n Load

Ride control replacement as an assembly cartridge adds speed and quality to suspension service

There was a time when “fast” and “good” were mutually exclusive in the automotive repair business. Speed, however, isn’t a dirty word anymore in most Canadian shops, as the industry struggles to compensate for too-low door rates and brutal competition. The key to speed with quality is to know where to save the time. In ride control, one answer is to install pre-built corner assemblies, removing the labour of strut spring compression and bench assembly. SSGM tested Monroe’s Quick-Strut suspension solution on a typical mid-sized GM sedan to see if the units could save real time on the hoist. Unofficial claims of “15 minutes a side” have been stated. Is it true?

The result is a fifteen-year-old Olds that’s quiet, rides like a new car and handles better than new, primarily because the Quick-Strut units use Sensatrac struts with velocity sensitive valving. With the price premium in the 20 per cent range over individual parts, can you turn enough vehicles to make loaded suspension units a profitable proposition? With a dedicated strategy for chassis service sales, the answer should be ‘yes,’ just as loaded calipers are taking over major brake service. For the right customer, speed sells. And the installation time? SSGM technical editor measured 20 minutes a side. Not bad for an old guy with rust falling in his eyes.

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