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News   July 14, 2015   by Allan Janssen

Identifix reaches 50K subscribers

Identifix, Inc. has reached 50,000 subscribers to Direct-Hit, its award-winning online tool, and to commemorate the occasion has launched a 50K Giveaway.

Five Direct-Hit users who submit a Hotline Archive Confirmed Fix in Direct-Hit from July 6, 2015, through to October 4, 2015, will be chosen among all eligible entries to win $10,000.

“We literally wouldn’t be where we are without our subscribers, as their calls to our Repair Hotline as well as their confirmed fixes fuel Direct-Hit with accurate and reliable content that benefits all our customers,” said Jeff Sweet, president of Identifix. “We developed the 50K Giveaway contest to thank our subscribers for their loyal support allowing those technicians who contribute to the value of Direct- Hit by posting fixes to participate for a $10,000 prize.”

Confirmed Fixes must be validated by Identifix and posted to Direct-Hit to be eligible for the giveaway, with a maximum of 100 fixes per participant.

In order to participate, users must:

  1. Select a vehicle from the “My Open Fixes” tab in Direct-Hit under the “Confirmed Fix Dashboard” and click on the “What Fixed It?” link.
  2.  Select the Hotline Archive used for the fix.
  3. Choose the component and action to fix the vehicle from the respective dropdown lists. (Users may include additional components and actions if necessary by clicking on the “Add another Component and Action” link.)
  4. Enter your first and last name in the field at the bottom so Identifix can contact the winners, then hit “Submit.”

To see step by step illustration of the instructions click here.

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