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Feature   August 1, 2001   by CARS Magazine

How GF-3 Tests are Different From GF-2

Oil Quality FeatureGF-2 TestGF-2 Engine TypeGF-2 FuelFuel EconomySequence VIAFord 4.6L SOHC V-8UnleadedDispersancy...

Oil Quality FeatureGF-2 TestGF-2 Engine TypeGF-2 Fuel
Fuel EconomySequence VIAFord 4.6L SOHC V-8Unleaded
DispersancySequence VEFord 2.3L OHC-4Unleaded
Low Temperature WearSequence VEFord 2.3L OHC-4Leaded
OxidationSequence IIIEGM 3.8L V-6Leaded
High Temperature WearSequence IIIEGM 3.8L V-6Leaded
RustSequence IIDGM 5.7L V-8Leaded
Bearing CorrosionL-38Labeco 1-cylLeaded
High Temperature DepositsTEOST 33bench test
Oil Quality FeatureGF-3 TestGF-3 Engine TypeGF-3 Fuel
Fuel EconomySequence VIBFord 4.6L SOHC V-8Unleaded
DispersancySequence VGFord 4.6L SOHC V-8Unleaded
Low Temperature WearSequence IVANissan 2.4L OHC L-4Unleaded
OxidationSequence IIIFGM 3.8L V-6Unleaded
High Temperature WearSequence VEFord 2.3LOHC L-4Unleaded
RustBall Rust Testbench test
Bearing CorrosionSequence VIIILabeco 1-cylUnleaded
High Temperature DepositsTEOST MHT-4bench test
Adapted from C. Smith, Imperial Oil Ltd.

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