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Feature   September 1, 2004   by Jim Anderton

Home Brew Fuel Injection Part 5

Slicing and Dicing Intakes

Last issue I went through the process of choosing an injector setup that would work with the MegaSquirt DIY ECU. I settled on a 1990 4.3L V-6 GM 200-Series TBI system from a Chevy Astro. Why? Because it works with low system pressures, uses only two injectors (instead of the eight required of port injection), houses all system parts like pressure regulators in the throttle body, and best of all, is cheap. Unfortunately, that great throttle body sits on a useless manifold, so the search is on for a way to adapt it to the 3.5L Triumph/Rover/Buick V-8. Wrecking yard parts? Forget it for this rare application, unless you’re trying to recreate a Rover system from a Range Rover or similar SUV. Aftermarket? Offy and Edelbrock offer parts, but don’t expect small block Chevy prices. A local speed shop quoted over $800 for the Offenhauser part. Can the stock two-carb manifold be adapted? I cut one apart to find out.

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