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News   January 10, 2012   by CARS Magazine

Have tools will travel… real far!

Scottish technician travels 16,000 mile round-trip for repair job in Faulkland Islands.

Ever been called to a roadside repair miles away from the shop?

A technician in Perth, Scotland recently took the longest journey of his life to fix a broken-down vehicle.

Steve Crozier, a tech at Auto Services Perth Ltd. took epic 38-hour, 16,000-mile round-trip to the village of Stanley in the Faulkland Islands to repair a fault on an off-road fire engine.

The story of the unusual service call was recounted in the Perth Advertiser, a newspaper serving Perth County, north of Edinburgh and due west of Dundee.

 “It’s the furthest I’ve travelled for a job before – a 16,000-mile round trip just to do a repair job!” Crozier told the newspaper. “The closest behind that would be Romania where I’ve been to work. I’d never been below the southern hemisphere before; the furthest I’ve been away before was Vancouver in Canada. I don’t think there will be too many people in this area that have travelled that far to do a breakdown!”

His company got the call to look at the Bremach fire vehicle because they used to sell them.

“I was there to do four days’ work, but I was finished after two days,” he said. “The problem was basically with the transmission. It was actually very simple to fix when we actually got there.”

He took the opportunity to look at other fire vehicles and do some training while he was there.

Auto Services will now supply all the spares for the fire vehicle, and Steve, who could travel to Pakistan for his next overseas job, reckons he may have to return to the Falklands at some point in the future.

 “This vehicle is the most technically advanced vehicle they have got, I can see them having problems with electronics and other issues because they don’t have the technology out there to cope with it. I’ve got a gut feeling we’ll be back out there again,” he said.

You can read the full story here.

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