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Feature   November 25, 2014   by CARS Magazine

Hang THIS in your shop!

Back by popular demand, and suitable for hanging in your customer waiting area, this years Eye Spy poster features 10 reasons why your customers need to leave the repairs to you!

If your customers need something new to look at when they’re waiting for their cars to be fixed, you’re in luck. There will be a new EyeSpy poster in the December issue of Canadian Technician magazine.

Our latest poster features 10 new reasons why vehicle owners should leave automotive repairs to the professionals! It’s not just a matter of dollars and cents… it’s a matter of safety!

From ball joints held together by plastic straps, to blocks of woods used to bolster suspension systems, these are crazy do-it-yourself nightmares that will send a chill down the spines of your customers. To think, they’re sharing the roads with vehicles like this!

We’ve been printing your EyeSpy pictures for 10 years now. The photographs you send us document accidents that are waiting to happen.

Keep those pictures coming… we want to see those unusual part failures, those cases of utter neglect, and those ridiculous DIY jobs.

Send your high-resolution images to Make sure to describe the situation as you found it, and how your customer reacted when you told them there was a problem! Give us your full name, and don’t forget to tell us the name of your shop and city.


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