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News   June 21, 2010   by CARS Magazine

Group 7 By Purolator Offers Filtration Choices To Independent Repair Shops

Long recognized as the pioneer in oil and air filtration, Purolator offers repair shops and service technician...

Long recognized as the pioneer in oil and air filtration, Purolator offers repair shops and service technicians the opportunity to choose the oil, air, cabin and fuel air filters that best meet their needs.

Designed specifically for independent repair shops, the Group 7 by Purolator filter line offers reliable and efficient performance at competitive pricing. Group 7 filters are distributed through warehouse distributors (WDs) and jobbers to service dealers, and are backed by the engineering and design experience of Purolator, the company that invented the very first engine oil filter in 1923. The Purolator brand name comes from that first engine oil filter Pure Oil Later.

Group 7 filters are available for virtually all popular domestic and import cars and light trucks, so service technicians don’t have to worry about tying up a service bay while trying to find a supplier who can provide a needed filter. Group 7 filters are readily available throughout the United States and Mexico.

Following original equipment manufacturers trend Group 7 filters are adopting oil filter size standardizations, which includes height and diameter reductions. These changes allow for the Group 7 product line to be reduced by eight part numbers. This part number consolidation allows for reduced stocking requirements, and the ability to improve your cash flow.

In addition to the complete oil filtration line, Group 7 offers a branded air filter line with 234 part numbers and 90 per cent vehicle coverage. A clean air filter from the Group 7 line is engineered to restore a vehicle to its peak performance. Specially blended paper maximizes air flow, traps harmful dirt and allows fresh air into the engine which improves and increases performance. The gaskets provide a tight seal to ensure that only filtered air reaches the engine.

For 2010, Purolator has added two new categories of filters to the lineup of products – cabin air filters and fuel filters. Also supplied through WDs and jobbers, cabin air filters and fuel filters, provide excellent performance and reliability at competitive prices, along with the same broad availability as Group 7 oil and engine air filters.

The cabin air filter product line covers 78 percent of cars or light trucks in operation with 65 part numbers. They contain filtering media specially designed to remove dust, pollen and airborne particles (3 microns or larger) from entering the passenger compartment of the vehicle

Another exciting new addition to the program is the fuel filter product line. A clogged or plugged fuel filter will bring a car to a complete halt by stopping the flow of fuel to the engine; therefore it is vital to replace the fuel filter regularly. The program offers 88 per cent vehicle coverage with 75 fuel filter part numbers available in three kinds – in-line, element cartridge and spin-on fuel filters.

Regardless of their choice, service technicians and, in fact, anyone has the opportunity to ask the Purolator Response Office (PROs) any filter-related question and receive a personal reply via e-mail or phone within 48 hours. The Purolator PROs can answer virtually any question about filtration, from application data to dimensional specifications to media design and configuration to installation procedures. This free service represents the broad support programs Purolator offers to repair shops as well as those who distribute Purolator products. Purolator PROs can be contacted through the Purolator Web site at the Group 7 Hotline 800-526-4250.

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