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Feature   August 1, 2009   by By: Jim Anderton, Technical Editor

Forward, Backward And Underneath

Phoenix Systems' Maxi-Ject Pro gives professionals more hydraulic bleeding options

Brake and clutch bleeding used to be one of those jobs, like chassis lubrication and tire busting, that shops left to the apprentice. What could be simpler? ABS and European hydroboost braking systems, however, have made many jobs difficult to nearly impossible to complete with a high, hard pedal. Phoenix System’s Maxi-Ject Pro is a professional-level tool designed to address hard-to-bleed hydraulics. SSGM tested it on a difficult Ford clutch application where the master cylinder’s upturned body trapped air in a dead-end pocket.

So how did Phoenix Systems’ Maxi-Ject Pro work? First shot, using “reverse fluid injection” from underneath. The beauty of this backwards bleeding is that there’s nowhere for air bubbles to hide; they migrate upwards and out of the fluid reservoir. Complaints? I found the instruction booklet complicated and largely unnecessary, as the unit goes together intuitively. I’d also grab an Altoids or Sucrets tin to keep the numerous adapters together. Would I have a Maxi- Ject Pro in my box? Absolutely. This is a heavy duty tool with a comprehensive accessory set that bleeds and flushes quickly, an absolute must in today’s busy shop environment. The Maxi-Ject Pro is available through LuK distributors.

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