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News   December 8, 2014   by CARS Magazine

Ford Motor Co. Approves Vacutec’s Smart Pressure Smoke Machine With STAR EnviroTech Technology, Inside

Ford Motor Company's Rotunda tool and equipment program has approved Vacutec's variable high-pressure smoke machine (218-WV711), built in collaboration with Ford, for its dealerships. Designed for leak-testing turbo charged engines, the...

Ford Motor Company’s Rotunda tool and equipment program has approved Vacutec’s variable high-pressure smoke machine (218-WV711), built in collaboration with Ford, for its dealerships. Designed for leak-testing turbo charged engines, the 218-WV711 uses STAR EnviroTech’s patent-pending Smart Pressure digital microprocessor technology with a special Honeywell flow device. It produces the densest smoke at any pressure and overcomes the thin smoke issue that plagues analog high-pressure machines. This is Vacutec’s 20th year and 3rd generation designing and building high-pressure smoke machines.

Ford was the first OEM in the world to recognize the value of Diagnostic Smoke in 2000, by mandating Vacutec smoke machines featuring STAR Technology. They purchased and gave a Vacutec smoke machine to every authorized Ford dealer in North America. Since then, Ford has continued to approve newer generations of Vacutec smoke machines for their dealerships.

“We chose the Smart Pressure 218-WV711 because of the combination of very useful features,” says David Werthmann, ROTUNDA Product Engineer, at Ford Motor Co. “The contaminant-free UltraTraceUV dye in the smoke vapor will be a big aid to our technicians in finding high-pressure leaks that without a dye trace couldn’t be found. The Smart Pressure is very accurate and simple to use, and the palm-sized remote is an especially convenient feature.”

This year marks the 25th OEM-mandated smoke machine model in about 41 countries worldwide featuring STAR Technology, inside. An additional 22 models with STAR, inside, have been approved, but not yet mandated by automakers.

The Smart Pressure unit won the prestigious Motor Magazine Top 20 Award and was among the featured demonstrations at the AAPEX automotive aftermarket show. Its easy digital controls allow for precise pressure adjustments without fumbling with analog regulators: “Just set it and forget it.” The all-digital unit comes standard with remote control and is self-calibrating and fully adjustable from 1-43.5 psi (69 mbar-3 bar). It also quantifies leaks with pressure decay (PSI/bar) and flow rate.

Worldwide Vapor designs and builds Vacutec branded leak detection equipment for the automotive market and other industries using STAR EnviroTech’s patented technologies.


STAR EnviroTech, the inventor of Diagnostic Smoke, developed in collaboration with major OEMs, has technology inside 100 per cent of internationally OEM-mandated smoke machines. Considered the “gold standard”, its technologies are in smoke machines recommended or required by virtually every major automaker and in units sold by dozens of the largest tool manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Smoke machines with STAR Technology, inside, are available in 125 countries and, so far, OEM-mandated in 41 countries.


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