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News   December 3, 2012   by CARS Magazine

EYE SPY: Wrong rotor caused bunch of safety-related problems

Tom Hines of Fountain Tire Richmond in Vancouver, B.C. won a small victory when the customer admitted he tried to fix the brakes himself... and promised never to try that again!


Tom Hines, of Fountain Tire Richmond in Vancouver, B.C. sent in this picture of the brakes on a Ford Ranger pick-up. The customer had brought it in because the ABS light was on and the brakes were squeaky. “Once we removed the wheels,” writes Tom, “this is what we found.” The customer had decided he could do his own brake work and replaced the rotors. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong ones. They were a full inch too small and had no ABS tone rings on the hub (thus the anti-lock light came on)! “After we told him that someone had installed the wrong brake parts, he admitted it was him, and he took responsibility for his work. How often do you hear that?” The brakes were soon fixed and Tom won a small victory: the customer promised never to touch his own brakes again!

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