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Feature   January 1, 2001   by Jim Anderton

Effective Executive’s Guide to the Internet:

Seven Skills Required to Turn the Internet into a Business Power Tool

Authors: Stephen L. Nelson and Pat Coleman

Are you an executive? If you’re running a successful shop, the answer should be “yes”, and if you’re successful, you’ve probably looked at the Internet as a potential marketing tool. Effective Executive’s Guide to the Internet (paperback, Redmond Technology Press), subtitled “The Seven Core Skills Required to Turn the Internet into a Business Power Tool”, is simply, a 261-page course in using the Internet for business. Starting with the absolute basics, the book describes what the Internet is, how to get connected to it, and once there, what you can do with it.

Well illustrated with illustrations of actual screen images, the book achieves what few have in describing the Web: combine simple, straightforward discussion of the basics and deliver the capabilities needed for businesses to get value from the Internet. Nelson and Coleman assume little prior knowledge about the Web, but the volume is clearly written for adults, so don’t expect your eleven-year-old Internet genius to fall in love with this one.

The screen illustrations and step-by-step procedures start by training the user in effective Web searches, followed by E-mail and advanced services, and finally how to establish your own Internet presence. It’s readable and gets to the point without excessive computer jargon or hyper-advanced tricks that only programmers can use. Think of it as halfway between a “For Dummies” volume and a software user manual.

The downside? It’s readable, but you’ll still need to be at your computer to really follow the steps described. That’s not unusual where computers are concerned, and it’s a lot easier than backing up through multiple screens on training software. It also isn’t cheap at $37.95, but it reads like fair value, especially since it acts as a good future reference as your Internet needs evolve. No one in the automotive aftermarket reads about Internet business for fun, but if you need the knowledge, Effective Executives Guide to the Internet is a painless experience in a confusing Web world.


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