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Continental introduces Timing Belt Kits Catalog

1446493892609Continental has introduced a new catalog for its expanded line of Elite-branded timing kits.

“This catalog includes up-to-date application coverage from 1974 through 2016,” said Jim Naso, Continental’s applications manager for North American aftermarket products.  “In addition, the catalog contains applications for timing belts, timing tensioners and idler pulleys and all four series of kits Continental brings to the market.”

Available immediately, Continental says the comprehensive catalog also contains:

  • Images that reflect kit components
  • Information on the best-in-class guarantee mileage program
  • A competitive interchange covering all major brands
  • A troubleshooting guide to assist professional repair technicians in diagnosing potential failures

“Many of our kits meet OEM quality specifications,” Naso said.  “In addition, with more than 697 timing belt kits to choose from, we offer the widest application coverage in the market and a new guarantee program that matches the manufacturer’s service interval up to 100,000 miles.”