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Feature   August 1, 2001   by Jim Anderton

Clutch and grab?

SSGM editor Jim Anderton goes under the chassis to experience clutch service first hand

As the saying goes, you just had to be there. With a significant number of manual transmission cars and light trucks on Canadian roads, clutch service is one of those driveline service procedures that can’t wait until the next oil change. For most customers, by the time they need a clutch, it’s well and truly gone. SSGM editor Jim Anderton recently “got dirty” to experience the process on a rear-drive Ford. The results speak for themselves.

What did SSGM editor Jim Anderton discover about clutch service? Mainly that it’s a unique combination of brute force and delicacy requiring more thought and care than you might expect in a “nuts and bolts” job. It’s dirtier than ignition diagnostics, but needs the same attention to detail and commitment to quality to ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate comebacks.

Thanks to Automotive Systems Incorporated (LuK clutches) for their assistance in the preparation of this article.

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