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Feature   February 17, 2013   by CARS Magazine

Celebrating excellence

Once again, were looking for the Canadian Technician of the Year and were going to need your help!

If you fix cars for a living, you deserve a medal!

The technology changes from year to year as carmakers improve their products to attract a new crop of motorists.

The tools you use get more complicated – and more expensive!

And it takes more brain-power than ever to diagnose an electronic problem on today’s computer-controlled engines.

Keeping modern cars on the road is such a difficult task that thousands of amateurs –weekend mechanics who work in their driveways – have given up their DIY ways because they can no longer make sense of what’s under the hood.

You can. And not just one model, either. Your expertise runs deep.

That’s why I think you deserve a medal. But who’s going to give it to you?

Well… we are!

We’re determined to find someone who is representative of the entire industry, and give them the thanks and praise that ought to be heaped on everyone who wrenches for a living.

We believe the whole automotive repair industry needs a pat on the back, and we’ve tried to provide that with articles that stress the competence, ingenuity, and resourcefulness of our readers. Technicians are too easily dismissed or ignored in Canadian society and there seems to be very little appreciation for the valuable work they do and the incredible training it requires.

We’ve always maintained that automotive technicians are unsung heroes. And in years past we’ve picked a hero to celebrate as the Canadian Technician of the Year.

We gave the award to someone who was competent, customer-oriented, and community minded. We found a true ambassador for our beleaguered industry – a well-rounded individual who would put a positive face on our profession.

We did it three times… and we’re doing it again.

We’re going to award someone who has distinguished himself or herself above and beyond the call of duty.

Help us celebrate the heroes in our industry by nominating someone you think deserves the title of Canadian Technician of the Year, and who would serve as an excellent role model for others in the industry.

Maybe they work for you. Or in the bay next to you.

We believe excellence is worth pursuing. And when someone attains it, it’s worth celebrating.

You’ll find the details in the current issue and you’ll find the nomination form online. 

Think of it as an award for the entire industry. We’ll be patting the backs of all the hard-working men and women who keep Canada’s cars on the road!

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