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Feature   April 1, 2002   by CARS Magazine

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College Professional Development Opportunities Offered Through IDL One of the recommendations from the CARS Human Resource Study, "Bridging the Gaps", stated that CARS should work with the educational...

College Professional Development Opportunities Offered Through IDL

One of the recommendations from the CARS Human Resource Study, “Bridging the Gaps”, stated that CARS should work with the educational community to ensure that training programs and the instructors involved have the resources for up-to-date training and can access the support and information they require to ensure consistent, quality programs.

The objective of this project is to promote and encourage professional development of training professors through the strategic alliance of industry and the college motive power training network and through the sharing of technology infrastructures. The project also provides college faculty with accessible, easy to use interactive distance learning (IDL) delivery that is adapted to the professional development needs of the college community.

A national network of 23 IDL receive sites has been established and Canadian Association of Motive Power Educators (CAMPE) member colleges have been offered an opportunity to access other CARS IDL programming to supplement the professional development sessions.

CARS National Accreditation Program

Industry is the driving-force behind this successful program to raise the benchmark for post-secondary training and education. To-date, twenty-two motive power post-secondary programs have challenged the rigorous evaluation process and have successfully received national accreditation status.

Feedback from the colleges and institutes that have gone through the process has been very positive and commitment from industry to the program is strong. The benefits of the program are widespread. Schools challenging the evaluation process show a high commitment to quality education. Students graduating from an accredited program will be recognized as having the skills industry employers need. Industry benefits from these graduates by having motivated and skilled employees.

The program’s board of directors is comprised of high-profile industry representatives who are involved with each stage of the accreditation process. CARS works with each applicant to facilitate the accreditation process. The board of directors review all applications, site team visit evaluations and the recommendations of the evaluation report before making a decision to grant national accreditation status.

It can be a lengthy and busy process but, in the end, everyone benefits!

CARS Interactive Distance Learning (IDL)

CARS offers technical and small business management training to the automotive repair and service industry using a satellite training delivery system.

This interactive distance learning (IDL) system provides access to training anywhere in Canada. Programs are broadcast in both French and English four days per week

How does it work? From the CARS’ studio, the instructor will broadcast a live lesson to students who watch and listen to the instructor on a television set. The lessons are very interactive as students can either ask and respond to questions by a phone set. For more information about this high-tech training, visit the CARS’ web site or call 1-888-224-3834.

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