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Feature   September 15, 2020   by Allan Janssen

By the Numbers: Aging technicians


11.8 years

Average age of U.S. cars and light trucks on the road in 2019.

IHS Markit


9.71 years

Average age of Canadian cars and light trucks on the road in 2017 (most recent data).

AIA Outlook Study 2018



Percentage of Canadians who are unconvinced that self-driving technology is “ready for prime time.” That compares to only 67% in the U.S. In both countries, fear of technology failure remains the top concern. Canada’s climate and mountainous terrain are thought to be the biggest challenges to self-driving technology. American and Canadian consumers also are worried about the unintended consequences of self-driving.

J.D. Power, Mobility Confidence Index Study



Percentage of millennials around the world who believe owning a car is a necessity for independence and convenience, and is generally preferable to other, more environmentally conscious options like ride-sharing or public transportation.

The Millennials and Auto Trends Report, Duff & Phelps



Percentage of U.S. automotive technicians who are older than 45. The biggest cohort (29.39%) are 55-64 years old.

Automotive Training Managers Council annual survey



Percentage of vehicle-leasing Canadians who are dissatisfied the lack of technology and amenity features in their leased vehicles – the most common complaint among leasers. Just over 7% of leasers found fuel economy was their biggest concern. Among owners, on the other hand, fuel economy was the primary concern, with amenities ranking far lower.

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants



By 2024, the percentage of light truck sales expected to be comprised of SUVs and CUVs, which have seen explosive demand since 2009. Pickups are expected to comprise only 25%. Jeep-style recreational vehicles will comprise 5%.

IHS, Five Trends in Five Minutes


9 million

Number of 2018-model-year vehicles in the U.S. that specify 0W20 oil. Use of that viscosity shows a rapid and steady increase from 1 million 2008-model-year vehicles.

IHS Markit


2.5 million

Number of 2018-model-year vehicles in the U.S. that specify 5W30 motor oil, down from a peak of 7 million 2005-model-year vehicles.

IHS Markit



In 2018, the percentage of U.S. consumers surveyed who said they switch between motor oil brands. That number was just 25% in 2013. A similar trend is seen in the purchase of brake parts, filters, wiper blades, engine treatments, and appearance chemicals – all categories which show waning brand loyalty.

NPD Group