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Battery-Guard from Brierly Technologies

press-release-image_aug-10-2016Burlington, Ont.-based Brierly Technologies has developed a battery monitor that can track a battery’s performance on the go.

The Battery-Guard is a Bluetooth device that can be connected to 6, 12 or 24V batteries to enable remote monitoring via smart phone. The free app is supported by iOS 5 and Android 4.3 devices and higher. With a range of approximately 20 feet, it turns your phone into an accurate voltmeter while eliminating the need for a multimeter or access to the battery terminals.

In addition to a colourful speedometer style, visual graphic of voltage level and numeric display, the app also allows storing of time stamped voltage levels for later review. Up to 5 transmitters can be labelled and connected with the app.

The open ended terminals is designed for easy installation on any battery just by loosening terminal hardware. When installed and secured to the battery with the 3MTM adhesive pad, simply turn on your Bluetooth and open the app – no need to pair the devices. You can then measure the battery voltage, using the auto voltage selection, and assign a name to the transmitter.

Future app upgrades are also planned to add more features and functionality.

The device will be officially launched at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November.