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Back-up sensor

The ultrasonic sensors on the Sondar back-up system from Fun Mobility detects objects, like protective posts, parking meters, and other vehicles. Drivers can safely and comfortably steer their vehicles, avoiding unexpected contacts. Sondar is a safety feature for many kinds of people: those who are not accustomed to backing-up, beginning drivers, senior citizens, and anyone who experiences difficulty backing-up in places like driveways and parking lots. An LED indicates whether an object is on the left or right side of the vehicle, and three different alarm sounds activate, depending on the distance between the vehicle and the object. The Sondar system can save your time and money by reducing the repair costs for vehicle / property damages as well as insurance premiums. The system operates optimally when the speed of the vehicle is less then 5 km/hr (3 mph). The distance is shown in meters or feet and the display unit is 0.1m (0.1 ft).

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