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News   July 8, 2015   by CARS Magazine

Ford Powerstroke Diesel course coming to Ottawa

Benson Auto Parts is hosting Mike Cleary’s Ford Powerstroke Diesel course in Ottawa this summer.

This is your chance to learn from a hands-on power stroke technician in a three-days comprehensive training program.

Cleary is an eight-time award winning Ford Motor Company Certified Senior Master Technician and Powerstroke Engine Specialist.

His classes are not overviews. They are comprehensive diagnostics classes.

Seminar Outline — Class One (6.0L); Class Two (6.7L); Class Three (6.4L)

  • High Pressure Fuel System
  • Cooling, Lubricating, and Air Management Systems
  • Exhaust Aftertreatment System
  • Emissions and Fuel Economy Topics
  • Powerstroke systems operation
  • Powerstroke subsystem strategies and operation
  • PCM Inputs and Outputs
  • Increase your knowledge of various electronic engine control system components
  • Troubleshooting shortcuts to increase your efficiency
  • Technical Tips, Technical Service Bulletin Info, and other “Need To Know” Info

Don’t Need The 6.0L Class? Do You Know?

  • High pressure oil rail check valve testing?
  • Revised fuel pressure test procedures?
  • Additional info for turbocharger “Learn” process?
  • FICM disassembly and testing?
  • Revised “Balloon Test” procedures?
  • Introduction of customized IPR block off tool?
  • Supplemental test procedures for CKPO and CMPO circuit tests?
  • High Pressure Oil Pump replacement warnings? EGR and Oil cooler replacement warnings?
  • How to “dead-head” the low pressure oil system to check pressure?
  • How to free up stuck injector spool valves on vehicle?

Register for the Ottawa classes here.

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