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News   August 16, 2016   by CARS Magazine & CAARMO partner to develop automotive telematics solution Inc. has joined with technology partner CAARMO to develop a new tool to begin building a service that utilizes telematics-enabled OBD devices alongside smartphone apps and POS software to connect drivers, cars, and service providers in real-time.

The service utilizes a telematics-enabled OBD device which plugs into the customer’s car, where it monitors the vehicle for trouble codes and other messages. This device links to a smartphone app. If the vehicle generates a trouble code, a message is sent to the customer’s phone, and to the service center, describing the error and what the code means.

Additional features include instant “vehicle health reports” for both consumer and service center, a running history of maintenance and repair visits, and the ability to send maintenance alerts, specials, and other communications directly to customers via the smartphone app.

“Telematics represents a new kind of customer service in the world of auto service centers,” says Jody DeVere, CEO of Inc. “We have always been a company about helping women and service providers to connect – now we have the ability to take that connection to a new level. This is a revolutionary new way to approach auto service.”

“Empowerment is powerful, and our partnership with allows us to empower both women and men in the way they think and feel about their automotive repair experience. With this product, CAARMO and AskPatty hope to inspire greater trust and transparency between drivers and the auto service center of their choice,” says Vinay Raman, founder and CEO of CAARMO, Inc.

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