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Air freshener

Auto Expressions air fresheners produced and marketed by Pennzoil-Quaker State Canada has developed new Vent Fresh. It features a scented oil diffuser to give motorists an adjustable, vent-air freshener. It does not rely on a bottle or wick to disperse fragrance. Instead, the scent is activated by an easy-to-use pull-tab on the back of the product that allows the fragrance to diffuse through a semi-permeable membrane. Vent Fresh is clipped directly to the cars air vent. Heat or air conditioning flows through the membrane holding liquid fragrance to freshen the car continually. Vent Fresh has an adjustable fragrance dial that allows drivers to tailor the scent for their vehicle. It is available in four fragrances: Outdoor Breeze; Island Colada; Green Apple; and Vanilla Twist.

Pennzoil-Quaker State
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