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Feature   October 1, 2004   by CARS Magazine

Aftermarket-Friendly Dealer Service, and Cool Home-Built TBI

Reader and dealer service manager Rick Acres responds to Bob Greenwood's comment on dealer service.-ed...

Reader and dealer service manager Rick Acres responds to Bob Greenwood’s comment on dealer service.-ed

Dear Mr Greenwood;

After reading many of your articles, and being in agreement with most of your ideas on running a automotive repair shop. I was very disheartened to read that your opinion of dealership service departments is what it is, June 2004 SSGM. My service department helps many small shops when they are stuck on a repair, gives information on specifications. All my co-workers are trained never to bad mouth or belittle any other shop or technician, and yes we do have good value for your dollar.

Our industry needs to pull together, automotive repairs are under valued by consumers, many who have no concept of the many skills a good automotive technician must learn.

Thanks Bob!

Rick Acres

Service Manager

Tony Graham Lexus Toyota

Reader and Tech Rick Dear from Brantford, Ontario responded to the “Homebrew F.I.” series of articles by sending SSGM a couple of images of his own throttle body units. Rick also likes GM TBI units and has had multiple successes with Cross-Fire Injection-derived units. Great-looking work Rick!

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