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News   July 20, 2010   by CARS Magazine

3M Reinvents Dent Repair with Breakthrough Technology

When it comes to the shop floor, every minute is critical to delivering excellent dent repair, on time and at ...

When it comes to the shop floor, every minute is critical to delivering excellent dent repair, on time and at a profitable margin.  And every minute spent mixing, cleaning and reworking repairs represents dollars wasted.

Now, automotive professionals can stop mixing and start fixing, thanks to the next generation Dynamic Mixing System from 3M, a high-tech tool for applying filler and glaze.  This innovative system mixes the material and hardener right in the nozzle to always deliver the perfect formulation.  The unique design allows professionals to dispense the filler when they want it, right where they want it, at the touch of a trigger. 

With the Dynamic Mixing System, there is no messy mixing process, no wasted materials, and no lost time cleaning up.  In fact, users report a reduction in waste of more than 40 per cent and reduced re-work and clean-up times of more than 30 hours per month.

One of the biggest advantages of the Dynamic Mixing System from 3M is the reduction of pinholes, which reduces additional coats of filler or glaze, prevents re-working of jobs and delivers higher customer satisfaction with the final repair.  The unique system achieves this through the automatic mixing system, which ensures pinholes aren’t blended into the filler and prevents over-catalyzation.  The system also delivers a tight wet-coat on the car surface, which discourages pinholes from forming.

“We are constantly working with automotive professionals to find new ways to improve their productivity on the job and reduce waste and cost,” said Jason Scharton, Global Marketing Manager for 3M. “The Dynamic Mixing System is a great example of our collaboration with shop owners and technicians in developing tools and solutions.  They have provided excellent feedback on what they need for efficient, productive body repair, and we have created the next generation of the Dynamic Mixing System to meet their needs.”

Advanced Design Improves Performance

The Dynamic Mixing System from 3M features a lightweight, heavy duty ergonomic gun powered by a pneumatic air system.  The disposable mixing nozzles use a vortex-like tornado mixing process that delivers the perfect ratio of hardener to filler or glaze every time.  This prevents over-catalyzation and pinholes.  The just-in-time delivery means no rushing – the material is mixed the moment it is needed.

3M has enhanced the cartridge design to deliver exactly the amount of blended filler or glaze needed to the car surface in a smooth, even flow.  Now there is no messy mixing or clean up.  Product waste is also reduced, as up to 40 per cent less product is needed than with traditional mixing methods.

There are six product cartridges currently available for the Dynamic Mixing System – Platinum Plus, Platinum Glaze, Dent Filling Compound, Dent Finishing Glaze, Dent Filling Compound – 95 and Reinforced Filler, all from 3M.  Additional material cartridges will be introduced later in 2010.

Increase Productivity, Margins with Unique System

The Dynamic Mixing System from 3M helps auto body shops improve their KPI performance, build margins and save time. 

“Today’s economy means body shops are looking for every dollar they can save and additional dollar they can earn,” added Scharton.  “Innovative solutions like the Dynamic Mixing System allow them to meet the needs of their insurance partners for delivering reliable, high-quality repairs, provide new opportunities for reducing waste and material use, and help manage technician hours for maximum profitability.”

Automotive professionals using the Dynamic Mixing System from 3M will find:

Increased Productivity

  • Reduces time for mixing and clean-up
  • Eliminates approximately 30 minutes for re-application of filler
  • Reduces pinhole inspection and repair
  • Allows technicians to perform continuous repairs

Waste and Mess Reduction

  • Eliminates 10 per cent of waste material left behind in cans
  • Reduces 20 per cent of mixed filler that is thrown away
  • Saves 15 per cent of filler that is typically over-applied in the traditional process
  • Cuts wasted filler in the sanding and shaping process by nearly 50 per cent

Cost Reduction/Margin Improvement

  • Eliminates waste and reduces purchasing of body filler and glaze
  • Allows technicians to be more efficient and deliver more billable hours in a day
  • Provides accounting method for billing back to insurance companies

Improved Results

  • Delivers consistent, reliable results that aren’t as dependent on the technician
  • Achieves higher performance against KPIs
  • Improves customer satisfaction with the final repair

The 3M Dynamic Mixing System is available throughout the U.S. Contact 1-877-MMM-CARS or your local 3M Distributor or 3M Sale Representative for more information or visit our website at

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