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3M headlight clear coat

3M Auto introduced a new product to help headlights stay clean and bright for drivers. The 3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat is designed to protect headlights from the yellowing and hazing that can be caused by ultraviolet rays.

To apply the clear coat, first use the 3000-grit sanding disc to remove debris. Then wipe the headlights with the headlight coating wipes. “The process only takes a matter of minutes to provide headlights with extreme protection,” the company said.

“Headlights are often an overlooked aspect car maintenance,” said Darcy Backman, global marketing manager at 3M Auto. “Whether you’ve just bought a new car or if you just restored headlights on your beloved car, applying the Quick Clear Coat can save you additional money in the long run. Overtime headlights will become yellowed and hazy, but we can prevent and slow down that process now.”

The 3M Quick Headlight Clear Coat is a part of the newly introduced Quick Family of Products that make traditionally multi-step technologies available in a single application process. The Quick Family of Products are available at retailers nationwide, For further details, visit