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Feature   July 1, 2004   by CARS Magazine

17 Canadian Students Earn Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium Scholarships

The Automotive Industries Association (AIA) has announced the 17 names of the Canadian students receiving Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) scholarships.

The Automotive Industries Association (AIA) has announced the 17 names of the Canadian students receiving Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS) scholarships.

Over 75% of the scholarship recipients are studying in fields related to the automotive sector, pursuing a variety of automotive careers. Close to 30% of recipients are studying to be Automotive Service Technicians, and close to 25% are studying to be in automotive sales and marketing positions. The group also includes students pursuing careers as Paint, Body and Equipment Technicians, Heavy Duty Technicians, Motive Power Machinists, and Automotive Mechanical Engineers.

“The calibre of applicants is fantastic!” says AIA President Ray Datt. “With such talented scholarship winners I am confident about the continuing success of the automotive aftermarket industry. We are delighted that so many Canadian students from across the country are benefiting from this scholarship program.”

“We are a society which cannot exist without a vehicle … I see myself as a successful salesperson or a respected manager in the future,” says New Brunswick Community College Automotive Marketing and Business Studies student Timothy Knox.

“Currently, I am working two jobs to finance my education, investing into a career in the automotive trade. Balancing the load between school and work has been difficult, but because I believe that the automotive trade is for me, my determination to become a licensed technician will prevail,” says Kenneth Tang, Automotive Service Technician student.

“My career goals definitely include entering the fascinating field of the automotive industry, and to eventually become an entrepreneur in the industry,” says Simon Beauchesne.

Students who work in the aftermarket after completing their studies are eligible for an additional grant. The GAAS scholarship is unique in that recipients may receive two financial grants: one while they are in school — to assist with tuition — and an equivalent matching grant for all scholarship recipients who graduate from their program and work in the automotive aftermarket.

A total of 145 GAAS scholarships were awarded this year, including the 17 Canadians. In the eight years of the scholarship, 901 students have received aid totaling approximately $920,000.

The annual investment to help develop future aftermarket industry leaders is funded through proceeds from the annual Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS). This two-day program brings together numerous industry executives, including Canadians, and examines the issues and trends affecting the aftermarket industry and influencing its future. Canadian GAAS Scholarship Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a college-level program or an accredited automotive technical program.

Scholarship applications are available from the AIA Canada web site ( html/careers/GAAS.htm), or by contacting AIA at tel: 1-800-808-2920 ext 235 or email:

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