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News   February 25, 2016   by CARS Magazine

Proposed bill could eliminate safety inspections across Utah

Utah Representative Norman Thurston, R-64, has introduced House Bill 319, which would repeal the requirement that certain vehicles obtain a safety inspection certificate to be registered and to operate on a highway.

Under current law, vehicles registered in Utah must undergo safety inspections based on the age of the vehicle. Vehicles with model years 10 years old and older must pass safety inspections every year.

If, like the Automotive Service Association (ASA), you oppose House Bill 319, go to ASA’s legislative website,, and send a letter to their state legislators in opposition to the legislation (select “Alerts”).

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  1. Bill Downard says:

    The State inspection system is a joke. The ones that want their vehicles to be in good shape keep them that way. The ones that don’t care find a shop that don’t care and get an inspection without ever having the vehicle checked. If you really want an inspection system make it for older cars. Vehicles 15 to 20 years as re need to be checked.

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