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News   February 13, 2019   by Adam Malik

Cardone expands reman EPS options

An expanded line of remanufactured electronic power steering (EPS) solutions has been unveiled by Cardone Industries.

The expansion is to deal with the oncoming wave of demand as more automotive manufacturers transition from hydraulic power steering to EPS.

“The EPS market is an exciting space, especially with over 80-percent of all vehicles produced in 2018 using EPS. We’re witnessing the pendulum shift right before our eyes,” said Anders Moeller, senior vice president, new markets and innovation. “With more EPS applications, the aftermarket is presented with both challenges and opportunities, and Cardone is definitely leaning in to the opportunities to support our customers.”

Cardone launched EPS in 2016 with the Ford Fusion. The company has since added more than 40 additional products under the line. For now, Cardone is focused on rack-assist EPS but plans to expand with more column-assist and electro-hydraulic-assist technologies this year.

“2019 will be a big year for EPS. Seven to 10 years is typically when vehicles start showing signs of needing repair and the 2010 models and newer are coming up on needing support,” Moeller said.

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