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News   June 2, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Car Maintenance For Students: Tips And Tricks For Keeping Your Car In Good Condition

As a student, it’s important to care for your car to ensure it stays in good condition and remains safe and reliable. To achieve that, students need to invest in regular car maintenance. Of course, such dedication requires special skills, knowledge, and time. However, the effort is worth the trouble. Not only regular car maintenance helps prevent sudden breakdowns or wear downs, but it can also save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs. Plus, there is a lot students can do by themselves to keep their cars in good condition without external help. So, here are some essential tips and tricks for taking care of your car.

Read the owner’s manual

It seems rather obvious and yet so often neglected. Not all young people are fans of manual reading. Yet, it can drastically improve your relationships with your car. For example, you can familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance tips, like schedules, parts suppliers, etc., and follow them. The manual will provide valuable insights about servicing, fluid types, and other important details specific to your vehicle.

Regular oil changes

We constantly hear about the importance of timely oil changes. Yet, not many young people still know what this is all about and why it’s a big deal. Learning how to change the oil in your car will save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run. The oil protects your engine by lubricating its working parts. 

By following the recommended oil change intervals, you prolong your engine’s life, improve its performance, and ensure a safe driving experience. However, different types of vehicles require shorter or longer oil change intervals and different oil types. So learn all the essential information before performing such a trick yourself. 

Check and maintain fluid levels

Your car needs all kinds of fluids besides engine oil. Any driver should be able to check on these fluids’ levels and top them up when needed. Thus, you should regularly check brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid, and more. Fortunately, these are easy to check and maintain without professional assistance. However, don’t underestimate their importance. Low fluid levels can lead to mechanical issues, so keeping them at the appropriate levels is important.

Inspect tires regularly

Tire health can be directly responsible for the car’s performance and well-being. For example, low tire pressure leads to rapid tire wear. Not only it affects how your drive and how soon you need a replacement. It also affects how much fuel you need. More tire wear – less fuel efficiency. Not to mention that bad tire health is actually dangerous for you and others on the road. 

That is why students need to check tire pressure at least once a month using special tools. Properly inflated tires will reduce the risk of blowouts and even improve your driving experience. In addition, you should consider rotating your tires every once in a while (or as mentioned in the manual) to avoid fast wear on specific, usually front, tires. 

Replace air filters

Never underestimate the importance of air filters in a car. These simple little parts carry a significant impact on your engine’s life and performance. They can even affect your fuel efficiency in extreme cases. Any car owner should learn to recognize the need to replace those filters. Alternatively, you can set a schedule to replace them. Either way, this simple procedure can improve your engine’s work.

So check those air filters regularly and replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s a simple and inexpensive maintenance task that can make a significant difference.

Maintain a clean interior and exterior

This one is yet another simple trick that can drastically improve your car’s longevity and performance. After all, keeping your car’s interior and exterior clean is not only about the looks. A clean car helps prevent rust, corrosion, and damage to the paint. So use simple practices like vacuuming the interior, wiping down surfaces, and using protective products to maintain an ideal state and cleanliness.

Pay attention 

Any car owner gets used to their car and learns to recognize any abnormalities in its behavior. They hear it to pay attention to unusual noises, warning lights, etc. Noticing strange noises or weird uncontrolled patterns is never good. In such a case, you should instantly address them and seek professional help. The more you ignore odd behavior and drive without a diagnosis, the more damage these changes may cause to your car. 

Find a reliable mechanic

Last but not least, as a student, you won’t be able to deal with all car issues alone. You will need trustworthy and reliable mechanics to tend to your car’s needs. Of course, finding such professional help can be quite a challenge. Establishing such a relationship with a trustworthy mechanic or service center takes time and experience. 

Still, this is an essential step in ensuring regular maintenance, professional inspections, and reliable repairs by professionals with the expertise and tools to do the job. Plus, all this extra time on your hands allows you to do homework, think of ethical dilemma essay topics, and deal with assignments while waiting for a car in the shop. 


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