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News   April 4, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Canada’s Most Affordable Cars In 2023

We’re into 2023, and this is going to be a year when many car owners are on the lookout for a new car. However, most people looking to purchase a new car this year will probably be looking for a vehicle that represents value and is affordable. So, with that in mind, we’ve found some of Canada’s best options right now.

Mitsubishi Mirage ES

The Mitsubishi Mirage ES will arguably be the most in-demand microcar across Canada in 2023, especially now that the Chevrolet Spark is off the scene. Until recently, the Mirage was renowned for being the lowest-priced new car, but it’s back to claim its title in 2023. As you will expect, the Mirage is small in size, but it’s stylish, and it has mod cons in the form of an LCD screen fitted on the dash. The screen, however, is unlikely to be the entertainment hub as seen in more expensive models, where there would be literally something for everyone, whether it would be the latest video games for the kids to dad enjoying a session on his favourite roulette tables online. The Mitsubishi Mirage ES is currently priced in the region of $15,000.

Nissan Versa S

The Nissan Versa S is an exciting concept because it wasn’t thought that the Japanese manufacturers would revisit this style of car anytime soon, primarily because it is, undoubtedly, a category on the slide. However, then you have to ask whether the Versa S had to make a comeback because of the value it provides. It certainly seems as though this was Nissan’s thinking when bringing the sedan-style back to life, and with a price of around $18,500, it does offer value for money for what you get.

Kia Rio LX+

It feels like 2023 could be a year of comebacks in the car manufacturing world as the Kio Rio LX+ breathes fresh life into the subcompact car landscape. Interestingly, as far as subcompact cars currently go, this is one of only three around, and while this Kia is affordable in many respects, it’s also the most expensive of the trio in the category. There’s no getting away from the Kia Rio LX+ looking the part, and it comes with manual transmission as standard, which will set buyers back around $20,000. If they want an IVT transmission, they will have to pay a bit more, which could mean the car loses its affordable tag for some.

Nissan Sentra S

It’s the second entry for Nissan on this list of Canada’s most affordable cars in 2023; this time, it’s the Sentra S that gets the mention. Costing around $21,000, the Sentra S will be the country’s most affordable sedan across the next twelve months, without a doubt. And, akin to the Kio Rio LX+, to get an affordable experience, you really have to go with the manual transmission model, which should be fine for most people. Some will say that the Sentra S lacks in performance compared to similar models from Nissan, but at the same time, it’s a smooth and enjoyable drive at the right price.