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News   January 18, 2016   by Allan Janssen

Canada needs tougher recall legislation: advocate

A prominent consumer rights advocate says Canada needs to strengthen the laws pertaining to vehicle recalls.

Phil Edmonston, author of the Lemon-Aid Car guides, and founder of the Automobile Protection Association (APA) said delays in recalling dangerous vehicles are unacceptable.

He’s quoted in a CBC story by Yvonne Colbert stemming from reports of a Nova Scotia man who waited 14 months for a recall repair on his 2008 Dodge Caravan.

That kind of delay is all-too-common, Edmonston said, and would be addressed by proposed improvements to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act. The proposal is now in the hands of Transport Minister Marc Garneau, who is still new in the job and wouldn’t comment on vehicle recall legislation.

“The Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act is what I call a zombie law,” Phil Edmonston told CBC News. “It’s there. It’s not quite alive; it’s not dead. It’s very seldom used.”

He’s hoping the Trudeau government will see proposed changes, first pitched by the Conservatives, as an important piece of legislation.

Edmonston said Canada might take a page from American legislation which allows government to fine and imprison vehicle manufacturers.

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3 Comments » for Canada needs tougher recall legislation: advocate
  1. Kevin Gartner says:

    I have a 2008 GMC 2500HD and am waiting for the recall on the exploding air bags. I am told by the dealership that they still don’t have the parts and no time line for when the repair will be done. I find this totally un-acceptabe considering lives are at stake.You pay for the safety and they get your money and care less.

  2. Nigel Birch says:

    I have had the same response with for 2005 Subaru.
    The dealer from whom I bought the car new says it is “not their problem”.
    Subaru Canada do not answer their phone. They kept me waiting for 30 minutes today with a silly recording repeatedly saying I had to wait “One minute thirty-seven seconds”.

  3. Johnathan Kreiter says:

    I bought 2015 chrysler 200 last year had 4th recall issued more electrical problems when do they decide its enought should buy buy defextive cars i have new baby dont even feel safe puting my family in this car there needs to be laws in place to protect buyers and familys now cars sitting in my yard costing me money

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