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News   February 27, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Canada invests in Ontario’s EV network

In an effort to spur innovation and encourage the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), the Government of Canada is providing Ontarians with more options to purchase, charge and drive zero emission vehicles.

Navdeep Bains, minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, and Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, have announced that the government will invest $8 million to build 160 fast chargers at 73 locations for EVs to help Ontarians transition to a clean energy future.

Funding, will be provided through Natural Resources Canada’s Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative (EVAFIDI), and will allow Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to build one of the province’s largest EV networks.

It is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to support green infrastructure projects that will create good jobs, advance Canada’s green future and help reach THE ambitious target of 100 percent of passenger zero-emission vehicle sales by 2040.

The federal government is investing over $300 million to support the establishment of a coast-to-coast network of fast-chargers for EVs, charging stations at apartment buildings, public places and workplaces, and hydrogen stations in metropolitan centres.


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2 Comments » for Canada invests in Ontario’s EV network
  1. Why would manufacturers not go to a universal battery system where they could be swapped quickly at what are now gas stations instead of waiting for 20 minutes or longer to re-charge? Batteries could be leased with new car purchase so the only two issues that the public has in regards to EV’s would be solved. If all passenger vehicle are EV the line ups will be HUGE to re-charge.

    • Bob says:

      The lineups won’t be huge because most will charge at home. The only time you have to charge outside the home is if you are going on a long trip.

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