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News   November 7, 2022   by Adam Malik

Bosch updates ADS

Bosch has released the 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 software updates for the ADS and ADS X series scan tools.

These updates upgrade the user experience by introducing a ‘Manage Photo’ feature. This allows technicians to launch the camera or upload existing photos to scan reports, special test and calibration reports. The software updates also add new special tests, systems applications, more 2022 coverage and new 2023 vehicle coverage.

With the ‘Manage Photos’ feature for scan reports, technicians will have the ability to launch the camera or upload photos from the gallery after completing a DTC Scan. The photos will appear in the scan report after the DTCs.

With the ‘Manage Photos’ feature in special tTest and calibration reports, technicians can select launch the camera or upload existing photos to add and label photos within the report. This feature serves as a reference tool for technicians who may need to refer to past repairs and services when performing a special test or calibration.

The ADS software updates include coverage for domestic and foreign 2022 and 2023 vehicle coverage including various models from Buick, Jeep, GMC, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo and more.

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