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News   November 8, 2018   by Allan Janssen

Bosch launches online community to track repair trends

Data points captured on the Bosch Technician Nation website. The service is not currently available in Canada.

Drawing on data from its scan tools in use across the United States, Bosch Automotive has launched a new online platform that analyzes the most common vehicle problems shops are seeing.

The free online community, called “Technician Nation,” offers repair and service resources to address pattern failures and frequently seen vehicle issues.

The site tracks service trends, segmented by both geography and by vehicle, allowing technicians to communicate with both Bosch experts and other technicians as they seek a fix for the vehicle in their bay.

In addition to having access to the data on the platform, subscribers receive the Technician Nation e-newsletter with original information on new trends, tech tips, product updates, promotions and more.

Techs have access to relevant statistics. In the first months since the platform was launched, members learned that:

* more than 25% of vehicles serviced by technicians using Bosch professional scan tools were light-duty trucks

* The 2008 Chevy Impala 3.5L ranked the No. 1 passenger car in service

The service is not yet available in Canada, but a company spokesperson said Bosch is looking to include all of North America with future updates.


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