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News   December 31, 2015   by Allan Janssen

Bosch enhances battery program to meet modern vehicle power demand

1104-Bosch-2Robert Bosch LLC says it has significantly enhanced its passenger vehicle battery program to meet today’s rigorous demand for power, performance and capacity. Included in the current lineup are Bosch 100 percent maintenance-free, flooded lead acid batteries S3, S4 and S5, and the premium S6 High-Performance Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery.

The premium grade Bosch S6 AGM battery is designed for power-hungry late-model vehicles, especially those that feature start/stop systems and regenerative braking.

“AGM technology yields a battery with high-energy capacity and has the power to handle multiple demands at once; plus it has the endurance to perform at a high level over a sustained period of time,” said Marcel Ayasse, senior product manager, batteries and battery chargers, Robert Bosch LLC, Automotive Aftermarket North America. “As more and more vehicles come factory-equipped with an AGM battery, they need to be replaced with an AGM and not a standard flooded lead acid battery.” Bosch S6 AGM Batteries offer extended shelf life and come with a three-year roadside assistance program and a four-year free replacement warranty from Bosch.

1104-BoschBosch S3, S4 and S5 Batteries are all maintenance-free, flooded lead-acid batteries. While the S5 battery is designed for high-end, late-model domestic and import vehicles with higher electrical demand, the Bosch S4 Battery is a dependable choice for all types of vehicles. The S3 battery offers an economical solution for older vehicles with fewer electrical demands.

With this relaunch, Bosch has expanded its total passenger car battery SKUs by 11 part numbers.

The Bosch Battery program has been upgraded to include:

* New easy-to-read labels that align with the Bosch global packaging design to ensure consistency across all Bosch product lines.

* Handles for better grip and easy installation (on most new batteries).

* Flushed and sealed battery cover on most new units to minimize the risk of acid spill and to help prevent terminal post corrosion.

* Full-frame technology on the lead grids for a more robust and reliable design. The flow-optimized grid design guarantees high starting power and a long service life. A special alloy ensures high corrosion resistance and significantly lower self-discharge.

All Bosch 100 percent maintenance-free batteries come with a free replacement warranty:  1 year on the S3, 2 years on the S4, 3 years on the S5 and 4 years on the S6 High-Performance AGM. In addition, Bosch offers a free roadside assistance program on the S4, S5 and S6 AGM batteries.

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