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News   May 23, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Best Car-Themed Online Slots to Try In 2023 

A major reason viewer enjoy sporting events is to bet on their favorite teams or players. As such online casinos and game providers develop a variety of car-themed slot games that are loved by fans. If you enjoy gambling and are a car enthusiast, you definitely want to find slots with a particular theme. You want to have the option of spinning your own wheel when it comes to playing slots. Fortunately, there are lots of slot machine that features car racing themes. Hence, compiled here in this article are some of the most interesting car-themed slots you can play online. 

  • Formula X 

Anyone who plays slot machines knows that there is a wide range of different themes. This is because online casinos want to offer something for everyone, but it can also lead to poorly designed games. Unlike many other games that have little to do with racing games, Formula X strikes a chord with its outstanding design. On the one hand, the theme of the casino game is centered around Formula 1 racing; on the other hand, apart from the neat graphics, the audio-visual effects are also superb. Any Formula 1 fan will appreciate the attention to detail in creating this online slot. It should also be noted that the casino game does not use a three-dimensional graphic like other modern slot machines. With five reels and three progressive jackpots, players must play all 25 paylines if they want to hit the jackpot. 

  • Wild Trucks 

This online casino game is perfect for truck enthusiasts who want to transport loads and earn rewards. With its engaging gameplay, you will surely be entertained for hours. Wild Trucks is a video slot with five reels, three rows, and 15 paylines, and it includes Wilds, Free Spins, and a Progressive Jackpot, making it an exciting game to play. In Wild Trucks, red, yellow, purple, and blue trucks are among the highest-paying symbols, and each symbol has a varying value, and combinations of these symbols at the maximum bet level can pay out between 3,000 and 240,000 coins. Meanwhile, low-paying symbols such as tires, pistons, gas guns, dice, and a cap offer winnings ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 coins when combined in the right way. Overall, Wild Trucks is another example of why Habanero is so popular with players of online casinos, so get in the booth and go for big wins! 

  • Rally 

Monster Trucks are the central theme of Rally, so even though it is a racing-themed casino game, its concept is different from other similar games. Still, even with all the tricky tracks and massive vehicle damage, there’s no denying that Rally is just as much fun aesthetically. Unlike traditional slots, online slot machines, including Rally, offer more frequent payouts and bonus rounds. Rally does not have free spins, but it does have something better, which is an extended bonus round that lasts until your car is 100% damaged, which is amazing. The soundtrack is also noteworthy, making Rally one of the best new racing games available. 

  • Speed ​​Heroes 

Unlike the previous ones, Speed Heroes provides a unique racing experience on a track and is entirely legal. 

” With 30 paylines and a theoretical return of 95.1%, this 5×3 format machine offers various special features that make the technical details easy to forget.”

For example, bonus badges can trigger free spins with multipliers of up to five times the stake, ranging from €0.30 to €60, and fuel canisters grant an immediate bonus called Gas Boost, while five pistons activate Sticky Pistons Roulette. The most interesting and lucrative feature is the Speed Run, where two Formula 1 racers compete and leave Wild symbols on the reels. 

  • Fast Lane 

Fast Lane is a classic slot game that boasts three reels and five rows. With 50 fixed paylines, this casino game is inspired by the adrenaline-fueled world of high-speed motorsports. As you play Fast Lane Slot, prepare to encounter several bonuses and special features, starting with the expanding Wild feature. Keep an eye out for a green car symbol that can appear on the first, third, or fifth reel. When it does, the symbol expands to cover the entire reel, transforming all symbols on that reel into wild symbols. In a single spin, you can land up to three wild reels, and if you’re fortunate enough to combine four or five identical symbols on a payline, you could enjoy enormous wins! 

  • Dream Run 

Dream Run is an extremely popular online slot game that is available in online casinos and allows players to be in the driver’s seat. This exciting casino game is played on five reels and three rows, and even has up to 25 active paylines. This offers players the chance to win one of five progressively growing jackpots. With a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.5%, Dream Run delivers top value for your money and offers the opportunity to win a gigantic progressive jackpot. Also, when a player lands three scatter symbols during a spin, it can trigger an exciting bonus game, where you get to choose one of five cars to take part in a thrilling car race. Dream Run also includes a second bonus feature called “Nitro Racing.” This bonus rewards the player with four additional free spins. 

As you can see, not all of these games are directly related to Formula 1 competition, but when it comes to capturing that feeling of excitement and speed, the games are just about perfect. 

“We can see how the popularity of online casinos is growing, and their numbers are growing rapidly. Each new casino gaming site is an opportunity to launch many games, use bonuses, and participate in promotions,” says Arthur Lambert, casino expert of the FrCasinoSpot web portal. 


There are hundreds of slot machines that every day prove to be interesting alternatives for all tastes. The great diversity of games found on national portals allows players to explore other themes and try their luck in slots that are adaptations of films and TV series. As a result, game providers are stepping up their game as the competition gets tougher, and there is a need to hold the attention of fans. That’s why new online casinos offer a variety of fascinating games with different themes that are bound to captivate every player.