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News   February 27, 2017   by Adam Malik

Behind the scenes of autonomous technology

Intel, perhaps best known for developing what’s powering the computer you’re reading this on, has been heavily involved in the automotive industry for many years. Now, they’re taking on the challenge of helping create fully autonomous vehicles.

Located in Chandler, Ariz. Intel’s autonomous driving lab has eight vehicles equipped with special sensors to collect things like traffic lights, road signs and lane markings. While the cars are mostly being driven by humans for now, data is being collected to help create fully autonomous vehicles.

The company produced the video to show some of the work that goes into creating what could be on our roads in the next decade.

Despite all the hype companies are showing towards autonomous vehicles, there is still plenty of skepticism for the technology from consumers.

As reported on, a study by accounting and business advisory firm Deloitte called Whats ahead for fully autonomous driving found that safety is a major concern among consumers. There are also concerns over who can be trusted to bring self-driving cars to the market.

For example, less than half of the respondents to Deloitte’s study trust a traditional car maker to do so. But there’s even less trust for technology companies as only 20 per cent of U.S. consumers have confidence in Silicon Valley to do so successfully. Intel, for example, is using Ford vehicles to test out their technology.

Time will help, said Craig Giffi, Cleveland-based vice chairman and U.S. automotive industry leader at Deloitte LLP who co-authored the report. “Automakers will need to integrate limited self-driving and advanced-safety features into new product offerings steadily over time to introduce people to the technology, demonstrate the improvement for vehicle safety and develop a proven track record.”


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