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News   June 20, 2019   by Renee Montague

Consumers increasingly ready for self-driving cars: report

A new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found that consumer support for riding in self-driving cars is set to double within the next five years.

The report, dubbed “The Autonomous Car: A Consumer Perspective” found that 59% of respondents in six countries are waiting “with anticipation” for the arrival of autonomous vehicles.

While only 25% of consumers can see themselves being comfortable riding in a self-driven car within the next 12 months’ time, over half (52%) say driverless cars will likely be their preferred mode of transport within five years. Looking 10 years ahead, that number increases to 64%.

Markus Winkler, global head of automotive at Capgemini said: “Our report shows a high level of optimism and excitement among potential autonomous vehicle users. Most conversation to date has focused on the technological evolution of driverless cars – so it’s hugely encouraging to see the potential benefits that the technology enables are resonating with future passengers.”

He said a degree of uncertainty and concern remains, however, and auto companies must consider the expectations and fears of their future customers as they transform their operations from the current ‘product’ focus to a ‘service’ focus.

Some 5,500 consumers were surveyed across six countries in Europe, North America, and Asia in December 2018, along with 280 executives from leading OEMs, suppliers, and tech companies.

Among the other takeaways:

73% say the purchase or adoption of a driverless vehicle is dependent on vehicle security

56% say they would be willing to pay up to 20% more for an autonomous vehicle over a standard one

48% are fearful of the thought of riding in a self-driving car

The report recommends companies need to inform, understand, and reassure consumers, build an ecosystem of services, and develop software skills in order to accelerate the process of moving towards a self-driving future.

To see the whole report click HERE.

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  1. NO THANKS!!!!!!!!! We all enjoy the freedom of driving our own cars thanks!!!! Who were they interviewing? The elderly? People with disabilities? Alcoholics? Nobody I’ve talked to want’s them and I’ve asked many many of my customers! Automotive manufactures haven’t been able to supply reliable automotive electronics and computer systems up to this point now, so how the hell are we supposed to believe that that’s going to change with these cars? NO THANKS!

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