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News   August 9, 2018   by Allan Janssen

Auto engineers say CAFE targets will carry steep cost: survey

Almost half of engineered surveyed by WardsAuto have expressed reservations about the industry’s ability to meet CAFE targets for 2025 without significant job losses and reduced consumer choice.

The automotive industry consulting firm said 46% of 486 automotive engineers and designers who responding to its survey the task is hampered by low consumer interest in fuel-efficient cars and electrified vehicles, rising sticker prices and the soaring popularity of light trucks and CUVs.

Only 27% think it still is possible to meet the target without harming the industry, and 28% are not sure.

Most respondents (52%) expect EPA standards to be eased to require incremental rather than drastic improvements through 2025.

The fuel-efficiency targets were finalized in 2012. WardsAuto has been surveying members of the automotive engineering and design community since 2011, asking questions about fuel economy, lightweighting and technology issues.

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