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News   March 11, 2021   by Christine Hogg

ATEQ releases update on live sensor platform

ATEQ TPMS Tools has issued a detailed update on the all-new live sensor platform for ATEQ tool users and ATEQ sensor partners.

Since the launch of live sensor in November 2020, ATEQ has performed more than 100 updates across the four regions that ATEQ tools cover: North America with 31 updates, Europe with 30 updates, Australia with 21 updates, and Russia with 21 updates. Each amendment to the tool’s software provides complete sensor and vehicle coverage to every ATEQ and Powered by ATEQ tool on the market, and allows ATEQ tool users to enjoy the most up-to-date coverage on their tool.

“Live Sensor is the most powerful and efficient tool in the aftermarket for TPMS Solutions. Since 2020, our tool users no longer have to wait month for new updates, which means brand-new cars are included in every ATEQ tool before they release it to the market,” said Federico Fava, ATEQ’s European TPMS
project specialist. “The most completed aftermarket sensor coverage is also updated and uploaded to the tool in real-time. Today, we can define it as the most revolutionary and visionary platform in the market.”

“Live Sensor is revolutionary, we’ve changed the paradigm on what it means to release an update,” added Renan Ludscher, ATEQ’s database manager.

Previously, ATEQ tool users would receive coverage updates in four large releases per year, a fast process, but of little use to those who require immediate assistance. The new live sensor works with a cloud-based system that can add and improve coverage, whether it’s new OEM models or boosting the programmable
coverage that will get these vehicles out the door faster.

According to Ludscher, ATEQ will continue to release quarterly updates to improve functionality and add new features, but gone are the days of waiting for vehicle coverage when using a tool powered by ATEQ.

“Live Sensor is also a huge value-added for those users who own our VT55 tool, even after 10 years of outstanding field performance our commitment to quality remains unchanged and the improvements still keep coming!” Ludscher concluded.