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News   January 10, 2018   by Adam Malik

Apathy could kill our industry: New episode of Greenwood’s Garage

How many people say they’ve seen it all, heard it all and know it all? Someone who says this has had their entrepreneurial passion killed.

And, says Bob Greenwood in his latest episode of Greenwood’s Garage, they would be doing the aftermarket a favour if they left the industry sooner rather than later. It’s these people and their apathetic attitude that risks killing the industry we love. They pose a greater risk than changing customer demands or a shortage of skilled technicians.

“This sector of the automotive aftermarket industry must re-discover itself and truly realize that the next 10 years can be far more profitable, exciting, and enjoyable, than the last 15,” Greenwood says.

Watch Greenwood’s Garage: Apathy Could Kill the Industry We Love today.

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