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News   May 16, 2022   by Adam Malik

Airworks announces distribution deal with Unicla

Airworks Cooling Solutions recently announced a distribution partnership with Unicla International Limited to supply a new range of compressors to the North American and South American markets.

Unicla is a manufacturer of automotive air conditioning products. Airworks provides parts and systems for the mobile air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

“We will be distributing a broad range of compressors from 45cc to 675cc capacities, including all belt drive models and a new range available in hydraulic and electric drive capabilities,” said Airworks president Alton Poole. “Unicla is a pioneer in the development of 10-cylinder and 14-cylinder swashplate technology, and we are proud to be a partner.”

Unicla recently celebrated 50 years and is based in China and Australia. Airworks is U.S.-based.

“We certainly need to maintain the traditional belt drive units which will be our mainstay for some time yet, but new H-Drive (hydraulic) and E-Drive (electric) models will become more and more necessary in the coming years,” said Mark Mitchell, Unicla’s global technical director.

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