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News   January 25, 2017   by Adam Malik

AIA paper looks to industry future

Whether it’s further advanced technology, industry disruptors or the emergence of data and analytics, picturing the future of the automotive industry is just about anyone’s guess.

But it is certain that things are changing.

And the Automotive Industries Association of Canada is trying to help members stay on top of what could be coming down the road. The group recently released a paper to help answer a number of questions.

“At AIA, we believe that knowledge is power, and we want to provide our members with the resources to help support their strategic business development,” said Chanel Ghazzawi, manager, research and policy at the AIA.

“This starts with getting a clear understanding of the situation, and through this report we identified the key technological changes that are re-shaping automotive practices and impacting the skills and talent required to service vehicles.”

The paper, The Changing Automotive Landscape, is introductory. But “it does provide a series of recommended actions for government and policy makers as well as some information on provincial programs that are available to help support research and innovation for businesses,” Ghazzawi said.

Key findings listed in the paper note that the top disruptors to the industry include autonomous vehicle and telematics, and that Google and Tesla — non-traditional companies — have emerged to compete. A number of other key findings — including the labour market slowing and the need for all levels of government to further provide incentives to boost innovation — are included in the report. It also offers information on trends and analysis in these areas and others.

“Autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing, electric vehicles, ride sharing, etc. are just some of the dynamic transformations happening in the automotive industry that are being driven by changing consumer demands and technological trends,” Ghazzawi said.

The report also contains information on the effect of the changing landscape to the aftermarket industry. For example, where demand will decrease and how the field can broaden its horizons in terms of revenue opportunities. “Inevitably, these transformations will have some level of impact on the aftermarket supply chain, and we are committed to demystifying what those threats and opportunities may be,” Ghazzawi said.

“Autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing, electric vehicles, ride sharing, etc. are just some of the dynamic transformations happening in the automotive industry…”

Chanel Ghazzawi, Automotive Industries
Association of Canada

The paper also contains material on cybersecurity and concerns regarding safety as vehicles become more connected. As well, what current and future skills will be required in the new reality of the industry.

The AIA has found its members to be eager participants in discussions on the changing landscape, Ghazzawi said. “Our members recognize that there are changes happening in the automotive landscape and have been incredibly supportive and insightful in regards to this subject with several actively participating in our research interviews, case studies and surveys.”

Members can also expect more examination from the AIA in this topic.

“This report is part of a broader project that is scheduled for this year, where we delve deeper into what these advancements mean for the automotive aftermarket and what would be the best sustainable strategies to adopt for businesses in this changing climate,” Ghazzawi said.

“We also recognize that there are different elements involved in understanding the ‘big picture’ of what is going on, and we are committed to tackling these elements through the various projects that we are doing.”

She said members can expect to find more information about “emerging technologies and industry disruptors, especially as it pertains to consumer behaviour, labour, skills, and talent, as well as access to vehicle service repair and maintenance data.”

The paper is available for download on the AIA’s website.

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