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News   June 15, 2017   by Adam Malik

Aftermarket’s role vital for connected car future: AASA

Panel discusses the need to ensure that vehicles can be serviced in the future by a repair shop of a customer’s choice with access to secure data.

The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association said the industry has a vital role to play in making sure that the road to uniting unconnected and connected and automated cars is a smooth one.

The association brought the message to TU-Automotive in Detroit, which ran from June 7-8. The AASA’s vice president, Chris Gardner, participated in a panel with aftermarket subject matter experts that was moderated by Donny Seyfer, chairman of the Automotive Services Association. The group discussed the trends that are driving the adoption of aftermarket products and services that utilize telematics and connectivity, the AASA said in a news release.

The panel also discussed the need to ensure that vehicles can be serviced in the future by a repair shop of a customer’s choice with access to secure data.

There also is a need to ensure future vehicles can be serviced by a consumer’s facility of their choice with secure data access, the group said.

“The independent aftermarket is working with the two leading automaker associations to move an architecture concept through the SAE Committee process to ensure all legitimate parties would have the ability to communicate with vehicles,” Gardner said.

“This concept, the Secure Vehicle Interface (SVI), would provide a gateway on the vehicle to address cybersecurity concerns and would enable the vehicle owner to direct information to any entity he or she desires” he added. “This will be critical with future models. To demonstrate this, consider that there are 265 million registered vehicles that need to be maintained, and the OE dealer network only has the capacity to service 25-30 percent of the DIFM fleet.”

The panel discussion also included a debate on how quickly a critical mass of vehicles will generate data through OBDII devices for use with UBI, predictive analytics and other applications and services, the AASA said.

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  1. I’m wondering how confident people will feel sitting in a vehicle that they aren’t in control of. I’m pretty sure it will scare the hell out of most folks. Most people enjoy driving their own cars so why the push to automated cars? I don’t get it whatsoever. Another BIG issue is training techs to be able to repair these contraption. What training will be available? An already huge problem in our trade is a serious lack of competent skilled mechanics. There are plenty of wrenchers, but electronic diagnostic techs are few and very far between!
    I’m sure the first round of injuries, deaths and lawsuits due to malfunctioning automated vehicles will destroy the general publics confidence in the entire concept anyways no? The engineers should probably quit while they’re ahead and just leave cars the way they are except for improving safety features like collision avoidance systems for example.

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