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Advantages and disadvantages of buying an electric car in 2022

Benefits of electric cars

An electric car is driven by several electric motors powered by a battery or fuel cells. The first analog of a vehicle with such an engine appeared somewhat earlier than a car with a gasoline engine – in 1841. But the main interest in electric cars emerged only in the 1960s, caused by environmental problems and the energy crisis, which provoked fuel prices. 

The main advantage of an electric car is its environmental friendliness. But this is not the end of the “green” transport’s benefits. Owners of electric cars save on gasoline and maintenance, do not queue at gas stations, and drive with more comfort. And the design superiority of electric vehicles is felt with the release of each new model. As a result, even gambling clubs are now raffling off electric cars. If you want to know the rules of the game in Teen Patti, also known in Hindi as तीन पत्ती खेलने के नियम to become a car owner – read the article at the link. 

Easy maintenance

Electric cars require less maintenance than cars with an internal combustion engine.

While each automaker gives different recommendations for when to schedule maintenance for their vehicles, electric systems require less intervention from technicians. The fact is that electric cars have a minimum number of available assemblies and components. For example, replacing the engine oil, transmission fluid, and spark plugs are unnecessary. In addition, parts of the braking system of electric-powered cars last longer due to the recuperation function.

It is worth noting that electric cars and cars with internal combustion engines need maintenance of lights, tires, cabin filters, and wiper brushes.

Electric cars have smooth dynamics and fast acceleration. For example, the Nissan Leaf of the second generation accelerates to a “hundred” in just 6.5 seconds. However, the title of the quickest car in the world belongs to the Tesla Model S Plaid, which reaches 100 km/h in just two seconds.

Dynamism is a significant advantage of the electric car. Torque is achieved from low revs, allowing the driver to react faster and act in unforeseen situations when crossing between the lanes or pulling ahead at traffic lights.

Optimal all-wheel drive

To keep all four wheels turning, cars have complex mechanical transmission units that “eat up” the available interior space. In electric vehicles, the all-wheel drive system is created more simply – a separate electric motor is used for each axle.

Today, the best way to provide all-wheel drive is the concept of two electric motors: the front-drive gadget of the front wheels and the rear drives the rear wheels. This concept is embodied in the all-wheel drive Kia EV6. In addition, current mechanical and software solutions allow for the immediate distribution of power and torque between the axles, improving traction and handling.

The electric car, with the external dimensions of a compact car with an internal combustion engine, has the interior space of a midsize car. So it’s all about design features.

Developing platforms for electric cars, engineers place the wheels as far as possible in the corners of the car. Another “green” vehicle is equipped with a more compact electric motor and transmission. As a result, there is more space in the cabin. Also, free play is formed due to a more rational arrangement of interior elements, which is possible thanks to the flat floor.

The electric car boasts a large number of storage compartments. For example, the space under the hood is often used as an additional trunk.

Quiet and comfortable driving

Some drivers like a loud roaring engine, but many find it difficult to concentrate on the road. On the other hand, electric cars don’t make unnecessary noise and vibrations, so they’re ideal for travel and city driving.

The sound of the engine often helps the driver get a better feel for the car while driving. But it’s not just the engine that makes noise; it’s also the tires, which are better heard when driving an electric car. Also, many electric car manufacturers equip vehicles with “synthesized sounds” that make them more “noticeable.”

All of the advantages of electric cars speak to their greater comfort. However, when they talk about the disadvantages of owning an electric car, they mention the underdeveloped charging infrastructure. But this problem is easily solved by installing a personal charging station in the garage or yard. Moreover, such charging stations help extend the life of the electric car’s battery, which means the car will last longer for you.

Disadvantages of electric cars

The world needs an environmentally friendly and economical form of transportation. But unfortunately, many corporations want to be the first to start mass sales of electric cars. Few people know, but the first electric vehicle boom happened in the 1970s. Unfortunately, it drowned precisely because of the disadvantages that all electric car opponents or oil industry lobbyists cite today.

But, quite a few years have passed. Life has changed completely. Every month, there are press releases announcing a new breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry. For this reason, 90% of what you can find on the Internet is outdated information. We will give a “standard” list of shortcomings but will comment on each with the latest news from the world’s leading manufacturers of electric vehicles.

  • Batteries fail quickly. Irrelevant! Modern batteries guarantee a mileage of 150-200 thousand km. This mileage approaches the engine overhaul time on 99% of production petrol cars.
  • Batteries do not have the engine power that conventional cars have. Irrelevant! Modern electric cars quickly set speed records. At the same time, even production electric cars can shock with their dynamics. Electric traction of current electric motors is not inferior to internal combustion engines;
  • High-energy-consuming batteries are expensive due to the use of costly metals. In addition, they operate at very high temperatures. Irrelevant! Thanks to modern industry, the cost of batteries is reduced by 20-30 percent every 1-2 years, about battery heating. We are probably talking about lithium-ion batteries. Damaging them can cause a fire. Starting with the 3rd generation, Li-ion batteries do not get hotter than 60 degrees when damaged. They don’t burn or explode. It is a thing of the past;
  • Significant battery power loss from sudden starts and not constant speeds.Partly true! Power systems don’t like sudden acceleration and braking. It applies not only to electric vehicles. It would be evident to a reasonable person that more aggressive driving requires more resources;
  • The problem of production and disposal of batteries containing toxic elements. Irrelevant! The dealer who sold you the equipment must accept battery recycling and give you a discount on a new set.

But for the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that vehicles designed on the principle of electric cars are now prevalent, such as the electric car, which is a cart driven by electric motors, and in addition, investments in battery software are being made to optimize the performance, lifespan, and safety of today’s electric cars.

But despite the ongoing developments in this field, it is too early to say that all cars will soon be replaced by electric cars. All this is due to the reluctance of most car owners to replace their regular car with an electric auto. 


But soon, everything will change. People are buying electric bikes and electric scooters to get to work. Talk to them. I can assure you they are happy they took this step. There are already free charging stations all over Europe. 

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