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News   June 7, 2022   by Adam Malik

Advance Auto Parts offers remodelling program to shops

Members of the TechNet network are being offered the opportunity to take part in a branding program unveiled by Advance Auto Parts.

TechNet Impressions offers customized design concepts to allow for a shop remodel. It’s available to the 15,000 locally-owned and professionally operated vehicle repair shops across North America.

The program would see TechNet Impressions’ design team develop branding packages customized to the unique building specifications of each repair shop in the network. The team would provide complete interior solutions — from branded service counters, furniture and other fixtures — along with exterior enhancements, including branded awnings, non-illuminated and LED-illuminated signage, bay banners and more.

Advance said in an announcement that programs can be tailored to a shop’s budget so it can make subtle or substantial changes to the appearance of the facility. The TechNet Impressions team will work with municipalities to ensure upgrades are approved within local guidelines and regulations.

“Our TechNet members spend years establishing their image and reputation,” said Lauren Beaulieu, vice president of professional marketing for Advance, Carquest and Worldpac. “Our Impressions program helps shop owners enhance their own local brand while incorporating TechNet to highlight the benefits motorists receive by choosing a TechNet shop. We were excited to see the results of our Impressions pilot program, and look forward to partnering with more repair shops in our network to help grow their businesses.”

TechNet recently ran a pilot program with more than 100 repair shops across the U.S. and the Impressions team to oversee significant shop remodels. According to the company, each shop reported an increase in customer traffic and business following the redesign.