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  • EYE SPY: Bottoms up!
    Bottoms up!   Blake Laidlaw of Hockey’s Automotive in Atwood, Ont. found an unusual dust cap on one of the wheels of this 2000

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Advancing Vehicle Technology: Friend or foe?

In this, the final article in a seven-part series sponsored by Chevron, reporter Jacob Stoller looks at how shop owners should view the disruptive technology on the horizon of the automotive industry. The short answer is it’s not all that bad! By Jacob Stoller


Alliance partners with Excel Sales Consulting

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance has partnered with Excel Sales Consulting to expand offerings on Alliance University, the group’s internal training platform. The partnership will assist store teams in consistently delivering on Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper’s motto: “Service


Acquiring know-how in the virtual world

In the third of a series of articles sponsored by Chevron, reporter Jacob Stoller looks at the technology used to power realistic gaming environments… and when it might be coming to the automotive repair shop. By Jacob Stoller Picture this


Q2 sees increase in delayed maintenance: IMR

The coronavirus pandemic seems to have interrupted a trend toward more timely vehicle maintenance in the United States. According to Illinois-based data company IMR Inc., 20.1% of those surveyed postponed needed vehicle service in Q2 of 2020. It’s the first


Report finds driver confusion over vehicle data

  Nearly three-quarters of Canadian consumers believe they should own the data their vehicles produce, according to a survey commissioned by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA). Some 74% of 2,061 survey respondents believe they’re the rightful owners of


Are you doing what the best shop owners are doing?

  By Bob Greenwood, AMAM Do you sometimes worry about the financial stability of your business? You might have reason to if a significant number of your shop customers aren’t paying their statements in full each month, or are actually


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